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            Parties ...Shetland Pony Rides...Events...Weddings...Therapy

                                         Situated on the edge of the beautiful Dartmoor National Park

                                                                  in the  Buckfastleigh and Holne area.  

                                              It is essential you telephone to book for rides as we do not live at the Stables

                                                          On booking we will give you directions on how to find us


                                                                                         licensed riding establishment                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

  Tel 01626 207244                Mobile 07703278927                                                                                                                                                                               



              Meet our lovely friendly shetland Ponies who give rides                                           




                                          Solo                                 Buttercup                      Star                   Smartie                




                   Therapy and Petting ponies



                                                        Gem   (hopefully in foal)                    Harley     also being ridden                





                      * Please click and ensure that you read and understand fully our disclaimer for all activities 


                                                                                               Price list

 We are making regular visits to Occombe Farm Paignton at Half terms and school holidays  ....see events page for dates


2016  Events booked            





                                  Birthday Parties                                

                                         Our friendly Shetland ponies will visit your venue                              

                                               Children can groom,   and then have a ride 

                                            an option of one or two ponies available

                                        cowboy party at the stables


                     *  An alternative is a party at our stables and provide your own food, cake and party bag

                                                maximum  10 children 

                      includes rides....grooming.... dressing up the ponies everyone gets a rosette         


               *  these parties can only run from March to the end of October due to possible bad weather


                                                                    * Riding Hats are provided*                                                                                                                       

The birthday child will get a rosette ' It's My Birthday'  


         click button for Price list                                                              

     Wet weather contingency plans! 

We are happy to come whatever the weather as we don't want the children to be disappointed so you will need to have a wet   weather          plan in mind  mainly for somewhere to groom  eg a gazebo or garage

                           Deposit or full payment can be made through our bank account (preferred)  or Pay Pal




                         ** Special rosettes are available both at the stables and fetes etc to buy also printed with

'I've ridden a Humaryn Shetland Pony' at the cost of  1.25  

and small rosettes  100                               




              Humaryn Shetland  Pony Rides                                                    

                                             All year round rides depending on the weather



            Pony rides available for children from 2 to age 10 (max weight 7st/ height 5 ft )                                                                                                                     

                              in the safety of our field or lane near the stables

         *Ideal to see if  your child likes it before the expense of riding lessons and as a confidence builder*

                    We do not give instruction just a gentle ride  and try and make it fun



                                                              Regular bookings welcome

           Rides will be on a lead rein, 

                        larger numbers they will be  walked in pairs

                                              at no time will children be allowed to ride on their own

      or safety of tiny children initially mum or dad must be prepared to walk beside them,

                                                                                  so bring your wellies!

     Everyone gets a rosette on their first ride .......................

                                        We are open all year round whatever the weather                             


               Hats provided  but bring their own if they have one. We do have most sizes  

            Children are also required to wear suitable footwear.... please no flip flops, crocs etc

                            To book  Ring  01626 207244 or 07703278927                    click button for Price list  

                                      and  we will email you directions on how to find us



                       Please click and ensure that you read and understand fully our disclaimer                     




    Pre school pony club

  grooming rides and feeding

  etc   and a bit of brushing up



            Tuesday and Thursday morning 

                       11am -12.30

                                         prices page                    



                                                          Groom Tack and Ride                                                

                    The session lasts for an hour

 Children get to groom the pony they are going to ride....tack it up with us and then a half hour ride 

     No more than 3 children at a time.   They can run all through the day with times to suit you



                                  see prices page




                                                      Rides for

      School &  Village Fetes, Festivals, Charity Events,  Fundays, Agricultural shows   


 The size of the children allowed to ride will be at our discretion 

                                   They must wear hats provided and suitable footwear  

                                                   Holiday camps by arrangement                                                                                                              

                   click button for Price list                               


                Very popular  for the past few years and bookings already being taken for 2016 so get your space asap







One or two ponies are available for attending weddings to greet guests and petting or to give rides to children

They can have ribbons and flowers in their manes

Hats are provided




                                                                                   Therapy Visits

 Our home bred miniature Shetland pony, Harley, can come along and visit

 He has a lovely temperament and loves being cuddled and petted   off to a My Little Pony Party to be petted   






                                                   Shetland mini hacks on Dartmoor   (approximately 1 hour)

  Our stables are approximately 1 mile from the entrance to Dartmoor National Park and we will bring 2    horses to a  car park just past the cattle grid and we will meet up with you, bringing hats and the ponies ready tacked.  There is a nice track nearby that we can walk and take children for a ride on the moor for about half an hour out  and return.       As per normal all rides will  be on a lead rein.







                                * Gift Vouchers *

                                                                        Stuck for a  present !!!

                                                ******  why not give a voucher for some Rides  ********

                        ( * arrangements as per pony rides )              

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